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Italy in Sept-Oct 2009:

Italy - Sept 09

Thailand and Malaysia in Nov-Dec 2008:

We flew in and out of Singapore, and here's the rest of our route for a one-month trip through Thailand and Malaysia.

route through Thailand and Malaysia

More specifically, the plan was:
- Singapore
- Malacca/Melaka
- fly from KL to BKK
- a week in Bangkok
- 2-3 days in Penang
- 2 days in Kuala Lumpur
- diving around Semporna (Sipadan, Mabul, etc)
- Kinabatangan homestay
- 2-3 days in Kuching

We actually stuck pretty close to that. Here's a detailed Google map showing where we went:

View Larger Map


Cali-OR Road Trip in Oct 2007:

I've been playing around with Google Maps to see if it's worth using for this site, and created the following map of our Oct 2007 roadtrip through the Pacific Northwest:

View Larger Map

Hm, not bad! Needs a bit of refining, but it's pretty slick for a freebie tool. (Gotta love the Googles.) 

Sonia's Central America trip:

The planned route was

planned route for Phase I

The actual route was:

  • fly into Costa Rica and then take a short flight to Tamarindo
  • work through Costa Rica by bus
  • take a 2.5-day Ticabus ride from San Jose to Guatemala City (stopping overnight in San Salvador)
  • work overland through Guatemala, taking many chickenbuses and other fascinating forms of transportation
  • spend 2 days on all manner of boats and buses getting from Guatemala to Honduras, then take the ferry to Utila
  • fly from Utila to Belize City
  • work overland by bus through Belize
  • fly back to DC from Belize City

Here's the Google Maps version:
View Larger Map

Proposed route for our RTW trip:

The plan is to start in Perth, hop through Indonesia and Malaysia, work overland through Southeast Asia for a few months, then spend about two months in India and Nepal.

proposed route through Southeast Asia, 2008

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