For those of you who really want to geek out (and you know who you are), feel free to peruse Sonia's entire collection of links on Del.icio.us.

It's no newsflash that there's a ton of great information out there for travelers, as well as plenty of crappy sites with broken links and bad info. Sifting through them all can be overwhelming! Plus it depends on what you're looking for. Sometimes reading someone's blog can provide that one bit of esoteric information, or the perfect burst of inspiration. Sometimes that can be found in more "official" places. Here are just a few of our favorite general travel sites:

  • Lonely Planet's ThornTree bulletin boards - LP is the backpacker's bible (to the chagrin of many, but we won't get into all that) and their discussion boards are chock-full of advice, opinions, and even some factual info
  • CouchSurfing! - in addition to providing a forum for those who want to host or surf couches, this site has some phenomenal discussion lists on every possible topic
  • Journey Woman - great source of info for female travelers
  • Rolf Potts's Vagabonding - a site to support the book
  • WorldHum - news, views, travel articles, and other inspiration

It's always great to hear firsthand stories about a place, and travel bloggers can generally be counted on to tell it like it is! Over the years we've amassed quite a list of our favorite travel blogs, which we recently condensed into a blogroll. "Blogs We Love" can be found in the right column of the Pulpology blog pages.

And, finally, Sonia has compiled a extensive list of "Tweeps I Like" in honor of Twitter's #followfriday.



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